Layering Of Biopolymers Peek And Pekk With Indirect Composite: A Narrative Review


  • Pooja Singh, Jahnavi Pareekshit Shah, Sarmatha S, Pratik Gupta, Nabeel Ahmed


PEEK, PEKK, Indirect composite, layered crowns, PAEKs


Background and Aim: The integration of Polyaryletherketones (PAEKs), particularly Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), with indirect composite materials has emerged as a promising avenue in dental applications. These biopolymers exhibit unique mechanical and physical properties, offering potential advantages in restorative dentistry. This narrative review comprehensively examines the layering of PEEK and PEKK with indirect composite materials in dental applications.

Methods: A thorough literature review spanning from January 2013 to December 2023 was conducted using electronic databases. Key terms such as "PEEK," "PEKK," "indirect composite," "dental," and "dentistry" were employed. In vitro and in vivo studies meeting inclusion criteria were analyzed for relevant data.

Results: Studies on PEEK and PEKK investigations focused on shear bond strength, fatigue behavior, and surface treatments, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of its potential usage with indirect composite in dentistry. However, a notable limitation in the current literature is the absence of in vivo studies.

Conclusion: The integration of Polyaryletherketones (PAEKs) like PEEK and PEKK with indirect composite materials holds promise for advancing dental prosthetics. Despite demonstrating promising bonding with indirect composite resin, the absence of in vivo studies underscores the need for further research to bridge the gap between laboratory findings and clinical applications.