Attachment Retained Gingival Prosthesis


  • Dr. Bhanu Chander V, Dr. Sriharsha Pudi, Dr. B. V. H Ravi Teja, Dr. Tejasvi Daram, Dr. Vinaya Sree Samala & Dr. Chikurumalli Smriti


Prosthodontic rehabilitation of a large anterior ridge defects is often a challenge. Such defects require not just the replacement of the missing teeth, but also closure of the defective area so as to achieve proper speech and esthetics. Periodontium along with its supporting tissues are damaged and destroyed by the various forms of gingival and periodontal diseases which leads to gingival recession, soft tissue defect in the esthetic region.The reconstruction of these areas with prosthesis like gingival veneer can be useful to correct the deformities remaining after the control of periodontal diseases, especially in the maxillary anterior region. The case report discussed here highlights a clinical situation where the gingival prosthesis helped in achieving optimum esthetics and patient satisfaction thus proving to be a feasible and simple treatment modality.