An Unusual Cause Of Splenic Infarction In A Child With Enteric Fever


  • Dr Sakshi Bhatia, Dr Melachuru Sai Padma Charan, Dr Hamritha A, Dr N Kishore, *Dr H Syed Mohammed


Splenic infarct, enteric fever, rare complication, CT scan, infectious disease.


Splenic infarction is a rare but potentially serious complication of enteric fever, often presenting as left hypochondrial abdominal pain. We present a case of a 12 year-old female child from southern India who presented with fever and left hypochondrial pain. Ultrasound revealed hypoechoic lesions in the spleen, confirmed later by computed tomography (CT) scan showing multiple splenic infarcts. The diagnosis was supported by a high Widal titre and positive blood culture for Salmonella typhi. Treatment with intravenous Ceftriaxone led to clinical improvement. Splenic infarction in enteric fever, although rare, can occur early in the disease course. Early detection through imaging modalities like CT scan is crucial to prevent potential complications such as splenic rupture. Prompt antibiotic therapy is essential in managing this complication and averting morbidity. Awareness of this rare but reversible complication is crucial for timely intervention and management.